Deposit XPress – Remote Deposit

Time is precious. That’s why we make it easy to deposit funds quickly and securely without making a trip to the bank or ATM — with Deposit XPress.

Bank Right from Your Desk

Deposit XPress allows you to make check deposits remotely from your place of business using your PC and a special scanner, or while away from the office via smartphone or tablet. Deposits are made easier and at your convenience, including nights and weekends.

Improve Cash Flow and Availability

Businesses that use Deposit XPress benefit from improved cash flow and better funds availability, along with faster notice of returned checks to start collection efforts earlier. Deposit XPress is like having a BankRI branch right in your office, enabling you to make deposits quickly, securely, and easily.

Deposit XPress Mobile

Make deposits from any location using your smartphone or tablet. Just take a picture of the check, submit the image, and receive instant confirmation. The BankRI Deposit XPress app is available on the Apple® App Store or Google PlayTM.

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