Voice ID

At BankRI, we continue to introduce the latest technology to make your banking more convenient and secure.   Voice ID is an innovative technology which allows you to use your unique voice to access your BankRI accounts.   Like your fingerprint, your voiceprint is uniquely yours.  

What is Voice ID?

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Voice ID?

Voice ID  is a security feature that allows customers to use their unique voice pattern to verify their identity when calling BankRI’s Customer Support Center.   This advanced technology creates a voiceprint using more than 100 unique physical and behavioral characteristics of your voice.

What are the benefits of Voice ID?

In addition to being a security feature, Voice ID also saves times by allowing you to easily identity yourself while eliminating the need to enter PINs and answer security questions.

How do I start using Voice ID?

Please call our Customer Support Center 866-422-6574 and we will create your unique voiceprint.

Is Voice ID secure?

Voice ID technology is Iess susceptible to fraud than traditional authentication methods such as security questions and passwords.   The system does not store an actual recording of your voice but creates a digitally encrypted voiceprint.

What if I have a cold?

The Voice ID technology verifies over 100 voice characteristics and there are only a few of those that are affected by a cold.   

 Will Voice ID work with background noise?

Yes, there are enhanced background noise cancelling features used however, if there is excessive noise that interferes with the authentication, we will verify your identity with our other traditional secure methods.

What if I no longer want to use this feature?

You can remove your voiceprint at any time by speaking with a Customer Support Representative.

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