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Take Advantage of a Smart Way to Borrow.

A mother speaking with her daughter at Graduation.Unlock the borrowing power of your home to help pay for your children’s education, vacations, home improvements – whatever your need may be.  With a Bank Rhode Island Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit, you can have the cash you need with a competitive interest rate, convenient terms and an easy repayment plan to fit your budget.  Plus, the interest you pay may be tax deductible*.

Features include:                 

  • No application fee                   
  • No closing costs
  • Reduced rate with automatic debit from a BankRI Premium Checking account
Home Equity Lines** vs. Home Equity Loans

Which option is right for me?

HE Lines allow you to tap into your equity when you need it. This option is a great way to finance unexpected home repairs, college tuition and more


Consider a HE Loan for a one-time expense, such as a kitchen renovation or wedding 

How can I access my funds?

Access your funds quickly using line of credit checks


The proceeds of the loan will be a single disbursement that is deposited into your Bank Rhode Island account. 

What will be my monthly payment?

Monthly payments are interest-only and vary depending on your rate and outstanding balance of the line


Monthly payments will not change over the term of the loan, making budgeting easier

How do the interest rates differ?

Interest rates are variable and change with market conditions

  Interest rates are fixed for the life of the loan

Interested?  Call 1-866-422-6574 to learn about our competitive rates and more, or click to apply online – you’ll get an answer in minutes.