Fraud Alert 

We have been notified that the Bank Rhode Island Call Center number is being spoofed by fraudulent parties. If you receive a call from our Call Center, 866-422-6574, please hang up. You can call us back by dialing 866-422-6574 directly to verify whether the call was legitimate. Unfortunately, scammers have the ability to make any name or number show up on your caller ID, this is called spoofing. To learn more about unwanted calls and what to do about them, you may visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website at  

We would like to remind and inform you that BankRI DOES NOT call customers asking for account information, user IDs, passcodes, etc. 

Example of How Fraud Occurs:

Your phone will display the following name and number... BankRI or Bank Rhode Island  1-866-422-6574.  The fraud perpetrator will then tell you that there has either been fraud on your account or they are verifying information regarding your on-line banking.  They will then ask you to provide parts of your personal and bank account information.   If you provide this they will gain access to your online/mobile banking and proceed to perform (2) $1,000 transfers to another account. 

If you receive a call that resembles this or have any further questions, please call our Customer Support Center at 1-866-422-6574 and report the telephone call.  You may also call/visit any one of our 20 branch locations.