eStatements and Online Tax Forms FAQs

Q. What are eStatements?
A. eStatements and online tax forms are a service that allows you to view your monthly statements and year-end tax forms from Online Banking. The online versions replace the mailed, paper versions and are:

     - Environmentally Friendly
     - Secure
     - Easily Accessible
     - Fast
     - Free

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Q. How do I begin receiving eStatements?
A. In order to receive eStatements you need to be enrolled and active in our Online Banking service. Log into Online or Mobile Banking, choose one of your accounts, then select "Documents" from the menu.  Select "Sign Up/Changes" and provide the requested information and accept the agreement.  You will receive a confirmation email from us notifying you that your enrollment has been completed. Then, when the statement is ready, you'll receive a courtesy email letting you know that your eStatement is available for viewing. To access your statement, log into Online or Mobile Banking, choose the appropriate account and select "Documents" from the menu.

Q. How long will it take to set up my eStatement service?
A. You will begin receiving your eStatements the next time you are scheduled to receive your paper statement.

Q. Will I continue to receive paper statements once my eStatement service is set up?
A. No, once you have completed the enrollment process for eStatements, paper statements are no longer produced for your account(s).

Q. What accounts are eligible for eStatements?
A. All your Online Banking deposit accounts (with the exception of Certificates of Deposits) are available as soon as you enroll for eStatements. If you wish to receive a paper statement for some accounts contact us via secure email or call us at (866) 422-6574 to make a change.

Q. How do I access my eStatements?
A. You will receive a courtesy email letting you know that your eStatement is ready and available for viewing. To access your statement, go to our website (, log on to Online Banking, click on the eStatements tab and select the appropriate account.

Q. How do I view my eStatements?
A. After you click on the account statement you want to view, a list of your current and past statements displayed.  Simply click on "View" to display your statement.  If you need a PDF viewer, you will see a window asking whether you would like to download a file or save it to a file on your computer. Cancel the window and install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your statement. To install a free PDF viewer, go to the Adobe website and follow the instructions to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Q. How long will my eStatements be available?
A. Your eStatements are available for 24 rolling months from the date you sign up.

Q. How do I print my eStatements?
A. If you have a printer, you can print your eStatements documents directly from your browser.

Q. Can I save my statement and PDF attachment on my computer or other storage device?
A. Yes, in fact, we recommend that you save your monthly statements on either your computer or a disk so you can easily retrieve them in the future. To save a copy of your electronic statement, open the pdf statement, choose "File" then "Save As" and specify where you want the document saved on your storage device..

Q. What if I cannot access my eStatements?
A. If you have any problems accessing your eStatements, contact our Customer Support Center at 1-866-422-6574 .

Q. What if I don't receive an eStatement notification when expected?
A. We monitor the eStatement delivery system for any possible delivery issues so that your eStatement service is not interrupted. If you do not receive your eStatement when it is normally sent, please check to be sure your email mailbox is not full and that your email address has not changed. You should also make sure that the email address we use to send your eStatement notifications does not block certain emails as SPAM or "Junk Mail."

Q. How do I change my email address, and email delivery options?
A. It is very important that we have a current email address for you so that we can continue to notify you when your statements are ready and keep you updated about important product information.  To change your email information, log in to Online or Mobile Banking, select "Documents" from the menu and choose "Email Settings."

Q. What if I change my mind and want to go back to paper statements?
A. You can cancel your eStatements delivery at any time. To do so, log in to Online Banking and select "Documents" from the menu. Then select "Sign Up/Changes." To cancel your estatements simply uncheck the box next to the account for which you no longer want eStatements. Or, you may write to us at Bank Rhode Island, eStatements, P.O. Box 9488, Providence, RI 02940-9488, call our Customer Service Center at 1-866- 422-6574 or send us a message through your Online Banking account.

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Q. How do I begin receiving 1098 and 1099 tax forms?
A. You must opt-in through Online Banking by going to the eStatements tab and following the same directions as for choosing eStatements.

Q. Is there a deadline to opt-in for online tax forms?
A.  You must opt-in by December 27th of the tax year being reported. If you opt-in after this date, you will receive that year's tax forms via U.S. Mail and online forms for the following tax year.