Foreign Exchange Services (FX)

Our experienced FX Advisors are available to work with you and assist in developing a customized FX solution for your company. The Bank offers a complete array of FX Products and Services. Transact with competitive rates, either online using our industry leading intuitive platform, BankRI-FX, or speak directly with one of our advisors.

Please contact the Foreign Exchange Services Group by phone:888-808-8220 for Foreign Currency Incoming Wire Instructions.graphic of world with currency symbols

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Click each product or service for a description:

Spot Contract – Typically two business day delivery in the Foreign Center. CAD & MXN are next business day delivery with same day delivery available with restrictions.

Forward Contracts - Either a purchase or sale of currency at some future date, or a simultaneous purchase and sale of currencies for different settlement dates.

Variable Delivery Forward Contract – Similar to a Forward Contract except that settlement can occur over a pre-defined window of dates.

Foreign Currency Wallet – Our answer to foreign currency accounts without the fees associated with maintaining those accounts. Your pre-purchased currencies are available to you on demand. Using the Currency Wallet can also replace costly Variable Delivery Forward Contracts.

International Wire Transfers – Quick, efficient, and transparent movement of funds.

FX Drafts –Drawn on the Bank's correspondent network denominated in foreign currency. Visit your local branch for more details.

FX Banknotes – Foreign currency delivered to your Branch within 48 hours.

Risk Management Advisory – The Bank's experienced FX Advisors will provide market commentary and work with you to devise a FX plan to best suit the needs of your company.

International Check Collections and Cash Letters – Provides for timely settlement of Foreign denominated checks presented for payment.


All foreign currency transactions are subject to foreign currency exchange risk. Customers are not protected against foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations by FDIC insurance or any other insurance or guarantee program. In addition any monies in the Foreign Currency Wallet are not FDIC insured.