Deposit XPress

Time is precious. That's why we make it easy to deposit funds quickly and securely without making a trip to the bank or ATM - on your schedule, not ours - with Deposit XPress.

Bank Right from Your DeskDeposit XPress machine

Deposit XPress allows you to make deposits remotely from your place of business using your PC and a special scanner that we provide. Deposits are made easier and at your convenience, including nights and weekends.

Improve Cash Flow and Availability

Businesses that use Deposit XPress benefit from improved cash flow and better funds availability, along with faster notice of returned checks to start collection efforts earlier. Deposit XPress is like having a BankRI branch right in your office, enabling you to make deposits quickly, securely and easily.

Deposit XPress, Easy As 1,2,3

Deposit XPress is fast and easy. We'll help you get set up with a dedicated scanner and special software for your office PC. You'll be making deposits in no time, easy as 1,2,3:

  1. SCAN - Place your checks in the scanner. The scanner will read each check, create an electronic image of it, and record the amount.
  2. REVIEW - The scanner's output allows you to verify the accuracy of each scanned check and gives you the opportunity to complete or correct any information that it was not able to capture.
  3. SUBMIT - Submit the check images over the internet to BankRI. We'll send you a confirmation that we've received all of the images, and we'll credit your account for the deposit.

To arrange for a demonstration of Deposit XPress contact Dan Hartnett at (401) 574-1544 to learn more.