Thank you for choosing BankRI for your financial needs. We are committed to serving all customers, including those with disabilities.

Online Services

Our website is monitored and tested regularly for compliance with current WCAG standards. We also work with our service providers, including those providing Online and Mobile Banking, to ensure that they are achieving similar standards. While we are currently not 100% accessible for people with all disabilities, most features of our online services are accessible with various forms of adaptive technology.

If you need assistance with our online services, or with any of our other products and services, please call our Customer Service Center during normal business hours at (866) 422-6574. Additionally, if you need assistance with effectively navigating BankRI’s website with screen readers, please contact Ian Perrault, ADA Specialist, at [email protected].

BankRI Offices

Directions to all of our offices are available on our locations page. These directions include the location of the nearest RIPTA service, where available. 

All of our locations are wheelchair accessible, and all BankRI ATMs are equipped with “talking” ATM technology and feature braille orientation instructions.

Our staff is happy to provide reasonable accommodations when services or programs are not accessible.

Telephone & Mail Banking

In addition to our office locations and online services, we offer several alternative ways to bank with us right from your home or office.

Aira Access Network

We are pleased to offer our customers free use of the Aira Access Network when doing their banking. Aira gives customers access to visual information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Customers can use the Aira service on their smartphone, desktop, or laptop computer to connect with trained professionals who deliver objective visual information on an individual’s surroundings, and who also work with them to complete any number of tasks, such as using an ATM, entering and moving around a BankRI office, or navigating within the bank’s online and mobile banking systems.