Online Banking


Manage your money – anytime, anywhere

Your time is valuable. So why spend it running to the bank to manage your money? With Bank Rhode Island's Online Banking, you can bring the bank to you anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can:

  • View your accounts with up-to-the-minute accuracy
  • Make transfers in real-time and get control of your finances by downloading your account information to Quicken, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Money.
  • Easy Quicken and QuickBooks software Instructions.  Please click on the version of the software below for specifics instructions.

    Quicken Users
    :                                                       QuickBooks Users:

    Quicken 2010- 2013 for Windows              QuickBooks for Windows 2010-2013 
    Quicken for Mac 2005- 2007             QuickBooks for Mac 2010 -2013
    Quicken Essential for Mac 2010
  • Pay your bills automatically with unlimited Bill Pay – standard with all personal and business checking accounts – and save time, postage and paper.
  • Set recurring bill payments to occur automatically.
  • Receive your bills electronically and reduce paper with free bill presentment.
  • Set account alerts to notify you when a specific account activity has occurred, such as your account balance has reached a certain level.
  • Process real-time stop payments.
  • View check images, account history, and Bill Payment history.
  • Get answers to your account questions through secure communications with us.

    Enrolling is easy.  Sign up today!

Deposit XPress

Deposit XPress allows you to make check deposits directly from your office, anytime day or night. With the help of a desktop scanner, a PC, and an internet connection, Deposit XPress saves you time and money and improves your cash flow. Deposit XPress Services can also:

  • Reduce trips to the branch
  • Save time preparing deposits
  • Consolidate funds from multiple locations
  • Capture and review images of both sides of the check
  • Balance all deposits before submitting
  • Reduce risk of check fraud

Deposit XPress uses multiple layers of security including password protection, Internet firewalls, and 128-bit encryption.

To arrange for a demonstration of Deposit XPress contact Dan Hartnett at (401) 574-1544 to learn more.